Generally, the Annals of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Medical Dental College also receives manuscripts related to animal research. However, when an article related to animal research is submitted, it is expected that the authors have adhered to the following:

  1. Local Institutional review board has approved the research study.
  2. Approval of the local animal research committee in the institute or the university research ethics committee, where the research was carried out is attached along with the submitted manuscript.

Hopefully the local animal research committee is taking into consideration that alternative research with animals is not possible and animals are essential for their research, justification on the number of animals used is mentioned, animal welfare must be a priority in terms of living space, nutrition, cleanliness, day to day care and above all minimal pain is caused to animals with appropriate analgesia and anesthesia, researchers must respect the animals and they have a legal, ethical and personal responsibility when getting involved in animal research. Researcher should be properly trained and competent in all procedures related to the animals including euthanasia. In Pakistan we are following the Helsinki's Declaration regarding animal house and animal handlings as indicated in the following website: