Process of Handling Cases Requiring Corrections, Retractions and Editorial Expressions of Concern

All articles submitted, if requiring correction after publication requires a written consent of the corresponding author. If the article involves any change in authors list, written consent of all authors is required. Generally, the order of authors is not changed once the manuscript has been submitted at the first instance and the authors remain same till the article is published. Hence, any change is strongly discouraged by the journal.

In case of retraction of any article, once accepted, requires a written consent and statement of all authors and reason for withdrawal. If, however, the manuscript is withdrawn at the very early stages, for example at the initial submission, the submission fees is not returned and again, written consent and statement of all authors is required.

In case of retraction, a statement is also published in the hardcopy and online copy of the journal. The editor withdraws an article if there is sufficient evidence that the article is plagiarized, data is fabricated or the article has already been published in another journal.

Editorial expression of concern includes any ambiguity regarding the misconduct of authors, an ongoing investigation which may take time or author dispute regarding contributor list. Retracted article is followed at its link in all electronic versions of the journal and the title and name of authors should be present in the retraction heading.

The journal is a member of WAME and it follows its guidelines. The journal is not a member of COPE, however follows the ethical principles of COPE.