Assessment Of Perceived Causes and Levels of Stress Amongst Clinical Dental Students and House Surgeons. A Cross-Sectional Study

causes and levels of stress

  • Aisha Wali Wali Baqai Dental College
  • Kashif Ikram Baqai Dental College, BMU
  • Talha Siddiqui Baqai Dental College, BMU
  • Rubab Jawed Baqai Dental College, BMU
  • Khaliq Dad Muhammadi Baqai Dental College, BMU
  • Mazid Ahmed Baqai Dental College, BMU
  • Abdul qudos Baqai Dental College, BMU
Keywords: assessment, clinical, levels, stress, dental professionals, undergraduate


Objective: The aim of the study was to assess perceived causes and levels of stress amongst clinical dental students and house surgeons of Baqai Dental College.

Methods:  A cross sectional study was conducted from October 2018 – December 2018 after getting ethical approval from ethical committee, Baqai Medical University and permission for data collection was approved from R&D department, Baqai Dental College. (BDC/ERB/2018/011) Dental students from third year, final year and house surgeons were included in the study (n= 250). A structured pre validated questionnaire DES questionnaire 21 consisted of 23 closed ended questions with three responses of categories that are 1) No stress, 2) Mild- moderate and 3) severe stress was used. Data was analysed for frequency and percentages and chi –square test was done to assess the association between academic qualifications with other variables.

Results: The response rate was 59.2%. Majority of them were females 56.8% and 43.2% were male participants. Forty three (28.9%) of the participants reported severe stress regarding fear of getting infectious disease from patients. Thirteen (35.1%) of 3rd year BDS students reported stress regarding examination and grading of patient when compared to 4th year BDS students and house surgeons with a significant relationship. Seventeen (22.7%) of 4th year BDS students reported severe stress due to fear of failure in examination when compared to 3rd year BDS students and house surgeons. Thirteen (35.1%) of the 3rd year BDS students reported stress regarding difficulty with class work

Conclusion: The outcomes of the concluded study are:

  • Maximum stress level was reported due to fear of getting infectious diseases from patients and fear of failure in examination.
  • Women reported maximum stress levels than men.
  • 3rd year BDS students reported severe stress than 4th year BDS students.

Author Biographies

Kashif Ikram, Baqai Dental College, BMU


Department of Oral &Maxillofacial Surgey,

Talha Siddiqui, Baqai Dental College, BMU

Associate Professor, Department of Operative Dentistry

Rubab Jawed, Baqai Dental College, BMU

Assistant Professor, R&D department

Khaliq Dad Muhammadi, Baqai Dental College, BMU

House surgeon

Mazid Ahmed, Baqai Dental College, BMU

House surgeon

Abdul qudos, Baqai Dental College, BMU

House surgeon